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Sometimes we can get really caught up with having the best tools and gadgets to create content — I sure do. However, when it comes down to it, the only tool you actually need is a smart phone. When I used to create content on the go — which now is not really an option — I could do everything from my iPhone. These days I even film all my video content on there. 

I still use my camera for photos and can edit them on my laptop but the editing I can also do with my smart phone. And sometimes I even prefer it when I create social media content. With the fast paced changes these days, having the ability to follow up on emerging changes or trends is important.

That’s why I wanted to touch on how to create social media content with just your smart phone or on the go.


By having a social media strategy you not only answer the question ‘how to create social media content that connects with your followers’ but you will also never run out of social media content ideas. I will show you why.


Defining your social media content strategy

You can create a really extensive social media strategy with goals and metrics to measure but you could also start smaller. And with smaller I mean just identify what your social media is about and the interests you have or your business has — in other words: defining your niche. I’ve talked about it in my blog post 5 WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR INSTAGRAM and how I define my niche. 

The first part ‘what is your social media about’ is much broader. So for example this could be ‘Fashion’. The second part ‘the interests you have’ is what narrows down your focus. For example ‘Italian luxury fashion’. So your channel or Instagram could be about fashion but you’re differentiating yourself by focusing on Italian luxury brands. 

If you have a business or are a freelancer you can do pretty much the same — although I do suggest that you define your goals as well. For example, you are a web designer but your specialty is WordPress & WooCommerce websites for stay at home mom entrepreneurs. 

By defining what it is that sets you apart and how you want to focus on, you will get a much clearer view on what you can post about. But above all, what is interesting for your audience. 


Content calendar

Although I do prefer a social media content calendar, sometimes you want to push something out. Especially with the fast changes happening right now, you want to be able to follow on what is happening. By having a social media content strategy ready and knowing what your audience finds interesting or which content they like best, you are better equipped to create in the moment content that will do well.


The tools & articles

Want to know more about creating a social media content strategy? Here are some interesting resources:

Best practices by Planoly: Learn from some of the best brands who are killing it on social media. Planoly has many great best practices on their blog to learn from and implement to your own strategy. You can also find a lot of handy downloads to use to optimize your Instagram game.

Social media business pages: You can find (almost) free online courses online & offline to learn more about a social media channel you will want to use.

– Facebook has Facebook for Business (formerly known as Facebook Blueprint) where you can learn more about Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp. They also have offline seminars — probably not anytime soon — that you can attend for free. I did last year and it was really insightful but they do stay more on a basic knowledge level. You have to really pick up on the more interesting things they are telling.

– Pinterest is by far the best social media platform to grow your traffic on. And the cool thing about Pinterest is that they give you a lot of data which is an unique thing when you look at other social media platforms. I get daily updates on popular search keywords, they have a dedicated page where you can check Pinterest trends and compare them & they have a full trend report called Pinterest 100. What’s awesome about that is that you can pin point exactly when people are searching for certain content & create pins with the right keywords resulting in more traffic. Visit the Pinterest for business page for information on Pinterest.

– YouTube also has a dedicated space for creators to learn more about creating content for the platform. You can check out the Creator Academy on YouTube.

– Twitter might not be on your radar but it has been a great community building platform these days for certain branches. I’m on there to keep up to date on anything social media. If you want to learn more about Twitter, visit the Twitter for business page.

– LinkedIn has LinkedIn Learning that is free for a month. I personally haven’t tried it yet but if you are interested in more than one subject it might be interesting to look into.

– Snapchat has a business page where you can find more information as well as TikTok & Spotify do.  

5 WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR INSTAGRAM by The Chic Italian: I mentioned this blog post above but it is a really great read if you want to take your Instagram to the next level. 

Buffer podcast ‘The Science of Social Media’: Great podcast if you want to stay in the loop on all things social media and how to implement (content) strategies. Listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


When it comes to creating content on the go, it is best to have a system in place. The main reason why I can create content on the go fast is because I have certain templates — made by me or pre-made in an app — that I can re-use.

I have a my photo editing & filter ready to go in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. The only thing I have to do is copy, paste and adjust when I have a new image. This saves me loads of time. If I want to use the image for a story, I import it into Adobe Spark to put writing over it and export it directly to Instagram. Again, it saves me loads of time because I also have templates set up in Adobe Spark. 

If I want to create a quick video, I film it with my camera on my phone — with or without my Osmo Dji Mobile — and import the video into InShot. I can easily edit and cut the video and export it social media ready to my phone. 


More is more

When shooting social media content, I always shoot more than I need. This way I can create a back-up library with content for moments I don’t have the time or want to shoot something new. I make sure it is already edited so I can easily upload it to any social media platform.


The apps I use

Adobe Lightroom Mobile: My preferred photo editing tool for creating social media content on the go. I have different folders in the app for different channels or content. Within every folder I have content that is already edited so I just have to copy paste my editing on a new piece of content. Other than that, I love this app because I can really edit it with precision. I used to use the VSCO app — which is also great — but since I have an Adobe account I switched to just using this app on the go. But if you don’t have an Adobe account, you could definitely check out VSCO.

Adobe Spark Post (scroll to the end of the page): Another Adobe app I use to create content on the go. This app is great to create post templates, thumbnails for YouTube or story templates. I mostly use it for Instagram Stories because I can use my brand colors & fonts. This is especially important for my business account as a branding strategist & designer. If you don’t have an Adobe account, you can also check out Canva. Has a lot of options in their free version is maybe a little easier to navigate than Spark.

Unfold: If I something that’s even quicker than using Adobe Spark Post, I use the Unfold app. It has many different pre-made story templates to choose from. Even more if you sign up for their subscription. I personally use the free version and have a couple templates favorited for consistency. I also use this app the create more interesting posts for my feed on Instagram like this one. 

InShot: This video editing app is easy to use to create social media video content on the go. And there is honestly nothing more to say about it. If you want to create videos quick and easy, this is the app for you. If you want something more professional on the go, you should check out LumaFusion. I don’t have any experience with the app myself but I know it is a preferred mobile video editing app. FYI, it is a paid app that is 30+ euros.


Why be prepared when you can use a tool that posts for you? The best invention for social media to be honest. It makes me more punctual and consistent when I plan. 

When you plan your social media content ahead of time, you can be more consistent but it also takes the stress out of thinking about what to post. Leave a little room for change so you can follow up on trends and the news. The best part? There are plenty of social media planning tools you can easily use on your smart phone.   


The apps I use

Planoly*: This is by far my favorite Instagram planning tool. You can also — if you have a paid account — use it to plan Pinterest posts. I personally have the duo plan because I use it for both my blog as well as my business account. You can use the free account for 30 posts per month but what really makes this perfect is that when you pay for your account it pushes your posts live for you. Save a lot of time + I never forget to post. If you want to use Planoly and sign-up for a paid plan after reading this post, I would love it if you use my referral link*.

Hootsuite: This is another social media planning tool that you can actually use for multiple platforms and the free plan is pretty extensive. I use this one for LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are many other social media planning tools like Plann, Buffer, Later and Facebook Creator Studio. It just depends on which platforms you are using.


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Do you create social media content on the go with just your smart phone?


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