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I recently asked on Instagram if anyone was interested in more articles about productivity. My post with the Dear Diary review got great responses that I figured why not dive into the subject once more. But instead of focusing on being productive I want to share my tips on how to stay motivated based on my own experience as a freelancer but also my experience in the office.

One of the main difference between working for yourself and working for a boss, is that when you work for yourself you’re the motivator. If you’re unmotivated, work doesn’t get done & you don’t earn money or loose out on great opportunities. If you work for a boss you get motivated by him or her or your colleagues who might depend on you. As a freelancer it takes me a 100% more energy to get up, do the work & slay my to do list. However, that doesn’t mean that as an employee you can’t benefit from these tips!

Here are my tips on how to stay motivated to achieve goals & get sh*t done:


I’ve never been one to work in total silence — as I write this it is quite silent but I can still hear the music from downstairs — but I also don’t work well when I have a lot of people around me having conversations. I like a certain type of sound when I work, one that is there but doesn’t take over my chain of thoughts. That’s why I can work in coffee places but I can’t work in an office space with people having meetings next to me. Also, certain music can easily distract me and irritate me. When I work I like to listen to either podcasts or a playlist on Spotify. I especially love to listen to podcasts that motivate me to get the work done.

I often listen to the Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast where Annie Spano talks to creative entrepreneurs and influencers on different career and personal development topics. Hearing how these ladies are kicking ass makes me want to work even harder. In general hearing successful stories makes me more motivated. I know some women get overwhelmed by it — and sometimes I do too! — but I get motivated. It just means that the plan I have isn’t unrealistic. It can be done.

Another one that inspires me & makes me stay motivated to achieve goals is the One Girlband podcast. I just recently started listening and catching up on episodes on my walks. It’s a podcast solely focused on women who are running a business by themselves and all the topics really hit home. If you’re a female freelancer this might help amp up your motivation.


So one thing that make me stay motivated to achieve goals & to get through my to do list for the day — which can be quite endless but that’s another problem I need to tackle — is to share it on my business Instagram. This way it’s out in the world & I have eyes watching me whether I’m going to fail or succeed. A little peer pressure hasn’t hurt anyone. As long as you aren’t working to please others, it’s all good. So share your to do’s through Instagram Stories like me or share it with your favorite colleague to keep you accountable. I honestly get more sh*t done when I do.


Getting work done, motivates me to get even more work done. Honestly, just getting started and doing things mostly gets the ball rolling for me to get sh*t done. Also, the more I do something, the better I get at it and the more motivated I get.

For example, when I started working at an online marketing agency I had just began working with Illustrator. It was one of the Adobe programs I kept putting off on learning how it works but I rolled into it when I did my traineeship. The more I worked in it for work — I made email headers for newsletters — the better I got at it and the more my work improved. I started to get motivated to not just get work done but I also got motivated to keep learning and improving my skills. Sometimes just doing the work, letting it be as it is and challenging yourself will create the motivation you’re looking for.


So… I’m also bad at delegating things & honestly don’t have the means just yet to do it anyway. The only thing I delegate at the moment is most of my photography. However, we all know that we stay motivated to achieve goals when we do the things we love doing the most. For me, it’s creating content that I love to do but not so much following up on social media content. Which makes me end up not getting the most out of my social media efforts. It’s also the reason why I focus on social media strategies and not management.

If you get distracted by things you don’t like doing, all your work will mostly suffer. AKA you’ll become unmotivated. However, if you’re an employee, delegating might not be an option. I’m also not saying that you should avoid everything you don’t like doing — I need to get into engaging my social audience ASAP — but you should find the balance that keeps you motivated. You need to be honest to your employer about what drains you work wise but sometimes you need to find ways to make a task more fun for yourself. I used to always tackle the most important tasks & the ones I didn’t like in the mornings. That way I had the rest of the day to focus on the parts of my job I did like.


Sometimes you’re just drained. It’s not necessarily that you don’t want to do the work. You simply can’t because your body & mind aren’t fully charged. When you’re feeling this way, the best thing is to take a moment for yourself. Recharge, take care of yourself and slowly start getting back into work. If you’re not feeling okay, you aren’t going to be motivated to do the work. It’s okay, we all feel like this sometimes.

In all honesty, I have been feeling really drained for awhile. Turned out I had an vitamin D deficiency. I wanted to work but my body wasn’t functioning. Most frustrating thing to experience. But taking the time to just relax and doing a little work every day was what I needed the past months. Taking care of my body was more of a priority at that moment and it resulted in me being more motivated & productive right now.


What better way to boost your motivation than with a little reward. Worked for two hours? Reward yourself with a 30 min. break to aimlessly scroll Instagram. Met your goals for the month? Buy yourself that bag you’ve been lusting after. You deserve it!


Later this week I’ll be sharing my productivity tools so when you feel extra motivated you can kick ass and achieve your goals. In the meantime, I still have a Dear Diary review — the productivity planner I use — waiting for you! And I also did another post recently with 10 female entrepreneur tips to become a badass girlboss that touches on the subject as well.

How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals & get sh*t done?


xo FG

Photos by Jillian

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