by TheChicItalian

ALUMNI | TheChicItalian | One year after graduatingIt’s been exactly one year since I graduated {I got my actual diploma later on}. So what have I been up to? Not that much really. I decided that this would be my year off like people do after graduating high school. I mostly worked at my parents restaurant {I’ve been working there for almost 10 years, so crazy} to save up for the road trip. Right now I’m in a place I feel like I’m ready to get a job to get experience in marketing communications. What I mostly learn from this year is that you need to take the time to let everything sink in and you’ll know when you’re ready. And remember that you got to start somewhere. Same goes for when you are starting the graduating process of writing a thesis. You have less room to feel like when you want to start the process but it’s okay to take some time to put together a plan for it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it make sure that you take a step back, talk to someone about it and relax before you get back on it. Try to start early, it’s a lot to take on, and find a subject that you love working on.

Have you graduated or are you graduting soon? What are your plans after?

xo FG