February 27, 2017

Another month has flown by which means a little check-in from me. I’ve rounded up my February favorites but as part of my new thing I’ll first look back at the goals I’ve set up for February.


Just a little check-in on how I’m doing with my 2017 goals:

  • I’ve been trying to engage more on Instagram and seeing really great results. The growth is really slow but I love how more engaged people are with the content plus I discovered so many other peoples beautiful feeds.
  • My main focus point has been my new website which hopefully I’ll be launching next month!
  • I’m still reading my second book for this year, the 4-hour workweek, which made me realize I’m an even slower reader than I thought haha.
  • I checked in with my spending habits of the last two months and honestly I knew I loved food but didn’t know how much I was spending on it. Extremely crazy amount of money. For next month I’m cutting back on it.
  • I’ve been noticing that I keep pushing my monthly goals forward which results into having to do the work last minute. I need to get my motivation back on track next month because before you know it, it’s already the end of the year {I’m slightly overexaturating but you get my point}.

How is it going with your 2017 goals?


FEBRUARY FAVORITES || THECHICITALIAN || My monthly favorites with the new Spring collection from Luv Aj, Harry Potter: The Exhibition, Yves Saint Laurent cushion foundation and more!


First on the list of February favorites is the new Spring collection by Luv Aj. I’ve almost loved every collection she came out with and this is no different. It’s pretty much all that you want from Spring jewelry. Delicate chained bras and body chains, rings to stack for days, armswag and wish list worthy earrings. The collection features small evil eyes and moonstone with a hint of bling. Perfect way to bring the sparkle back in your Spring wardrobe!


If you’re looking for a case for your apple pencil {let’s face it, this high priced pencil needs one to protect it from damaging the tip}, the Decoded Apple pencil case is the one for you. With a magnetic strip incorporated in the leather, you can easily snap it onto your case. For me personally, my matching Decoded iPad case. It has earned its spot on the monthly favorites list.


What can I say, even 10 years after I watched the last movie in theaters I’m still a huge Harry Potter fan. To keep me occupied for the next five years for the next Harry Potter movie, my friend and I went to ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition’ in Utrecht. If you’re just as big as a Harry Potter as I am, you can’t miss out on it. Every step you take, you get to relive 10 years worth of movies. I also loved how they divided the exhibition into different sections of the Harry Potter world. I don’t want to give too much away {if you saw my Insta Stories from that day, you probably have seen the whole exhibition haha}. So I’m going to stop and just leave it at this: you have to go see it if you’re a Harry Potter fan!

Want to know where the global tour will land up next? Check the website here for more information!


Two years ago I wrote about the Yves Saint Laurent Encre de Peau foundation because I was so in love with the formula. It feels lightweight on the skin and the coverage matches with your skin tone. And then I read about the cushion version of this foundation last year and knew this was perfect for me. I love the simpleness of cushion foundations. The combination of that with the formula of the Encre de Peau sounded like a win to me. The cushion version has more coverage than I remembered but I still love it as much. Plus this one comes in an even prettier package.


If you’re, just like me, a proud owner of a new MacBook or the new MacBook pro, you know that it has been a hassle to find products that fit your USB-C ports. After finding a suitable monitor for my laptop, the next product I needed was a hard drive to store all my work on. At my traineeship I make a lot of visuals for clients which results in clogging my laptop up with heavy files. This hard drive is one of the few that also works with a USB-C port and has endless space for anything you don’t need to have on your laptop. Plus it comes in matching gold, who can resist that?

What were your February goals? And any new discoveries you’d like to share?

xo FG

Ps. I’ve used affiliate links in this post