by TheChicItalian

If there is one social media channel almost every blogger uses, it’s probably Instagram. Why do bloggers love it? I personally think because it’s a highly visual social media platform. It sort of becomes the every day extension of what your blog is all about and what better way to portray that part by using visuals.

But because it’s the most used medium for bloggers, it’s also getting very oversaturated. Almost every blogger has an Instagram feed and most have beautifully curated them. So how do you stand out in an overcrowded visual world? Well, there are ways to get your feed to stand out.

A little disclaimer: I’m by no means a populair Instagrammer {almost 1400 & counting} but I do know about some small strategies you can apply to make your feed more noticeable.

Here are my 6 Instagram & Stories tips for bloggers:


The first, and at the moment, most important tip is to do your homework on the algoritme that runs Instagram. The more likes & comments your post gets, the higher you’ll be featured in the feeds of followers.

If you’re thinking of switching to a business account on Instagram, take in account that this will have influence on your engagement rate. It seems that Instagram wants businesses to pay to be seen {which is logical}. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small account, if you want to be seen you either need to have direct engagement on your gram when you post it to make sure people see your content or pay up. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an advertisement feature that let’s you target the audience you already have but hopefully that’s in the works.


And more importantly: What do they like to see? What type of content do they engage with? This is probably the most important tip after knowing how the algoritme works. Everybody can start an Instagram account but not everyone posts content that their audience wants to see.

Is there an Instagram account that’s similar to yours but bigger? Research what it is that sets them apart {without blindly copying them}.

As a blogger it’s important to know your audience and know what type of content they like to read on your blog. The same rules apply to your Instagram feed. Think about creative ways to translate your most popular content to social content mixed in with personal snaps.

What I’ve learned from my feed is that photos with a clear shot of my face apparently get more likes and engagement. Another type of content that works really well on my feed are full body outfit shots. Other photos that work well: travel and city shots, animal snaps and coffee photos.


This is probably a tip that has been mentioned in every Instagram tips article but still an important one: have a cohesive & consistent feed. I will explain why this is important with my own experiences mixed into it:

Cohesive feed

A cohesive feed has everything to do with the look and feel of your feed. Do you use the same filter & adjustments for all your content? You can choose to make your feed black/white or a feed full of bold colors. Whatever you choose, go for one look. The best compliment to get is people saying they instantly recognize your photos when they scroll through their feed.

Consistent feed

A year ago I decided to post four photos every day. I had read somewhere that if you post 3 or more snaps on Instagram you get more engagement. So I did and I can say that it’s true! I got more likes, engagement and my follower count increased. With the new algoritme it has become even more important: the more consistently you post, the higher your grams will be ranked by Instagram.

If you want to have a more cohesive & consistent feed, check out these three Instagram planning tools that will help you get more consistent with posting & show you how your feed will look. For editing my go-to app is VSCO.


Best way to get noticed on Instagram is to use hashtags. You can add 30 hashtags to every post. I personally use the most important hashtags in my caption & the rest in a comment. Example: if I’m posting a snap of my coffee I would use the hashtag #coffee in the caption but #coffeelovers in a comment below. I always end my caption with the branded hashtag #TheChicItalian.


Back for a training & drinking #coffee ☕️?? #TheChicItalian

Een foto die is geplaatst door Fiona {TheChicItalian} (@thechicitalian) op

Another way to be discovered through hashtags is to do some research on hashtags that have in between 10.000 and 500.000 grams with that specific hashtag. If you have 100 or more likes per snap with that hashtag, you’ll most likely get into the top 9 grams of that hashtag {the 9 photos at the top when you browse for hashtags}. When you get into the top 9, you’ll be noticed by a lot of people who search or use that hashtag.

Another way to get noticed with hashtags is to click on the most important hashtag of your post and start engaging with content of other people who use the hashtag. Obviously you both like to use the hashtag for grams, maybe this person will love your feed. It’s a great way to introduce people to your account that would probably not have seen it otherwise.


The best way to grow your numbers or engagement is to implement a strategy. All the above tips I’ve given are part of the strategy. They’re the homework you need to do and implement before you get into one or more of the following strategies:

F/FU method

This stands for the follow/unfollow method. Essentially you follow a lot of people that are in your target audience {or you think that they would like your feed}, engage with them and than after a set period of time you unfollow them. The trick is to do it in a way that they won’t notice that you unfollowed them but they still follow you and engage with your content. I don’t know the exact way to implement this method {there is a whole strategy behind it} because I personally don’t like this method, but it does work. People have gone from having 1000 followers to 10k followers in just a couple of months or even weeks.  If you want a big follower count, than this is the strategy you want to implement. Use with caution though, people can get irritated if they notice you only followed them for their follow.


Another one that works, but not as fast as the f/fu method, is to just simply engage with people. Be genuine, engage with content you like and see your follower count & engagement rate grow. This is the strategy I used to use. Because I’ve been very busy these last couple of months I’ve slacked on engaging with people but I’m going to pick it up again. If your goal is to have more engagement, than this is the strategy you want to implement.

Comment pods

I got introduced to comment pods through a Facebook group {but haven’t joined one yet}. They’re small communities on Instagram with likeminded accounts that support each other by commenting and liking posts as soon as they’re posted. Great way to boost your account in the ranking and up your engagement. However, make sure you don’t enter too comment pods many. You want your target group to engage with your content, that’s the goal, not to have engagement in general.

Buying likes & engagement

Yes this is a thing. You can recognize it if a post gets a lot of likes in a small amount of time. If you want to figure out if an account has bought there likes or followers, check this article! There are users that don’t buy their likes and still get hundreds of likes in a couple of minutes but most accounts don’t get those organically.

With these methods you got to ask yourself what’s more important to you: followers or engagement? I personally go for engagement. A big following is pretty awesome, and if I could have both than that would be even more amazing. For me it’s more important to have people engage with my content and build a network of likeminded people. If you’re in it to make money, than you should definitely go for numbers. The higher the number, the more you can charge for your grams.


The best new feature of Instagram is probably Stories. For people like me who have tried to get people to follow on Snapchat, this was the perfect move of Instagram. Now you can keep your following on one platform which means they’ll be more likely to engage with your video content. Which is important because by 2020 most of the content on the web will be video. But how do you use Stories? I’ve seen people use it as Snapchat or even as a blogging channel. One thing is sure, you need to create new and creative content. Here are three tips you can try out:

Crosslink with your feed: To make sure people notice your stories, post a snap with a call-to-action to check it out. My most watched story was of my light packing list for Rome. I posted a snap on my feed with a clothing rack full of what I was bringing with me and in my story I showed per category {tops, shorts, etc.} what I was bringing.

Links: Right now this is still a verified account option but it’s still good to know for when it gets implemented for all users. When you create a story there is a link icon next to the editing tools. You click on the icon and then add the link you want your story to lead to. Hopefully they’ll launch this option for everyone.

Mentions: You can ‘@‘ people in your story so people can click on it and people can check out the feed of that person. Super useful for collaborations or to share content of friends.

Boomerang: You can now use the Boomerang feature in Stories as well. Gives your Stories an extra fun look.

And that’s it! These are the Instagram tips & tricks I’ve gathered. I hope this will help you with your Instagram game. Let me know below what you think & what you’re working on to strengthen your Instagram account!


What’s the best Instagram tip you’ve gotten?


xo FG