August 27, 2018

Sometimes you want to take some time for yourself. Put on some PJs, get the popcorn & bingewatch whatever on Netflix. Netflix has a big catalog with interesting movies, documentaries and TV shows. It so happens that there are also a lot of TV series on Netflix with female leads. So why not indulge in one of the female lead TV shows?

There are many but today I wanted to share the ones that I loved the most. From drama to murder mystery to comedy — it’s all on the list. Some are about female friendships others about running a business — I mean a drugs cartel is a business, right? — and others focus on murder (can you tell which category is my favorite?). In other words, there is one for everyone, whatever genre you prefer.

Disclaimer: these are all TV shows on Netflix with female leads that you can find on Netflix NL. Your Netflix might have a different catalog than the Dutch one.


If you’re going to watch TV shows on Netflix with female leads, you need to start with Frankie and Grace. It’s hands down my favorite female led shows on Netflix. It has humor, drama and the type of female friendship most of us dream of having when we’re older. And it gets better with the seasons.

What I love about the series is that love is definitely a theme in the TV show but it’s much more about family and female friendship. And later on even female entrepreneurship.

Netflix synopsis: Grace and Frankie are taken aback when their spouses let them know they want to get divorced. They’re even more surprised when they find out why.


This series is the polar opposite of Frank and Grace. Pretty Little Liars is dark sometimes, is full of teenage drama & heavily focused on relationships. You’re going to wonder many times why they don’t call the cops and instead make their situation five times worse. It’s completely ridiculous at times, but you will keep watching. It’s just that addictive.

What kept me watching is the mystery. Even after failing a million times to find out who A is, the mystery kept me coming back and watching it till the end. I just love a mystery and you do start to care for the characters — even if their choices drive you mad.

Netflix synopsis: Four 16 year old girls think their secrets are buried for good when their friend mysteriously disappears. But the truth is only one text message away.


Who doesn’t love a moody, female superhero? I know I do! If you’re looking for one of the next TV shows on Netflix with female leads to binge watch in the superhero sphere, than Jessica Jones is a really good one. I think I’m mostly drawn to the fact that she isn’t a superhero superhero, if that makes sense. She’s almost a sort of anti-hero. She doesn’t take shit from others but still has a soft spot. Definitely my favorite from all the other Marvel series on Netflix.

Netflix synopsis: Jessica Jones gets hired to find a pretty NYU-student who is missing, but it turns out it’s about much more than just a missing person.


If you haven’t seen this series yet, you’ve probably lived under a rock. BUT in case you haven’t, you need to watch this! I think the most interesting part of Orange is the New Black is the diversity of women (don’t let the synopsis fool you, it does focus on all characters). What I love is that you see the women in present day and slowly get to know each one of their individual stories. These stories tell how they ended up in prison. Even though you might dislike some characters or their behavior, after seeing these backstories it gives dimension to who they’re in the present day.

Besides the diversity of women, this female led TV show on Netflix has drama, love and a lot of humor. It can get a little dark in the later seasons, so prepare yourself.

Netflix synopsis: Piper Chapman, who is convicted to serve 15 years for sins from her youth, leaves her understanding fiancé for a life in an all women prison.


If you want something that’s a lot lighter and funny, you need to turn on Good Girls. The cast is amazing and for some unknown reason the storyline doesn’t tire. Plus, not going to lie, there is also eye candy involved which doesn’t hurt. It’s just one season but you can see all the women grow into a different, stronger but maybe not totally put together, woman. It’s a fun serie focused on loyalty and women sticking together.

Netflix synopsis: Three suburban mothers orchestrate a robbery at a local supermarket to get out of a financial situation and to become independent. And they do it together.


Do you love a murder mystery? Well you’re in for a treat because every season of How To Get Away With Murder has a new one. And it has one of the strongest female leads you’ll find in TV. Annalise Keating is not only portrayed by the talented Viola Davis, the character is flawed but strong. You will love to hate her but you’ll also be rooting for her.

Besides Annelise you will get to know her associates, ex-lovers and students that also consist of multidimensional female characters. A must watch for murder mystery lovers!

Netflix synopsis: Annelise Keating is a briljant criminal lawyer and law professor. Together with five of her students she gets involved in an unusual murder case.


It’s been a while since I watched this show but I still remember the female lead making an impression on me. The Fall is a pretty dark thriller about murder — I just love murder themes, I can’t help it — with a female detective lead. It touches on many different subjects that strong women are often faced with and judged for.

What I love about the Stella Gibson character is that she is strong willed, loses herself in her job — in my opinion not in a bad way, she doesn’t spiral out of control — and she makes her own rules to live by. She’s also very unapologetic, which is such a breath of fresh air.

Netflix synopsis: Stella Gibson goes to Belfast to help investigate an unresolved murder case and sees a lot of similarities with an other murder case of a young woman three months earlier.


Queen Of The South is an action packed show. If you love TV shows like Narcos, you’ll love this drugs drama. The strong female lead is Teresa who rolls into the world of drugs with her boyfriend and works herself up to a bonified druglord. Along the way you get to see how she does it, the shit she goes through but also the lavish lifestyle and loyalty of her people. Besides Teresa you also have Camila Vargas who is the original queen of the south and is just as much of a strong female lead. Where Teresa has some sort of compassion for other people, Camila has none. She’s the perfect villain. If you’re not watching for the queens of the south, you’ll probably wanna watch for the men Teresa surrounds herself with.

Netflix synopsis: Teresa is forced to work for a drug cartel that killed her boyfriend. She needs to survive with just her life experience, a friend and a mysterious notebook.

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The TV shows on Netflix with female leads mentioned above aren’t the only ones. Other honorable mentions are:

  • The Sinner
  • Dear White People (also has male focused episodes)
  • She’s Gotta Have It
  • Jane The Virgin
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Gossip Girl
  • Girlboss

And many more to check out. If you aren’t into watching fictional TV shows, these 6 TED Talks by inspiring, ambitious women might be more your style.

Which TV shows on Netflix with female leads can you highly recommend?


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