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The year is coming to an end and I thought it would kind of be nice to have one master posts with the best of the best — in my opinion — of 2018. I’ve started this blog with the idea that it could be a place where likeminded women can share their thoughts and discoveries with others. So it’s no surprise that I love sharing these things as well. Why keep all these things to myself when someone else could also enjoy them?

It’s probably more for my own enjoyment but here are my yearly favorites of 2018:

my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | My favorites of the year 2018
my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | One big master list of all my favorites of 2018: style, beauty, hair, lifestyle & memories


I think that this year I actually didn’t really buy a lot of new things because there weren’t a lot of items I felt would compliment my wardrobe. Another reason is that I’ve mostly had my eye on items that are a little higher priced. Which means saving up and buying less. However, I did have a lot of stand out favorites from this year.

This year I got even more wear out of my Gucci Disco bag*. Yes it’s an investment piece — I think the price has risen with € 100 since I bought it — with a pretty hefty price tag but I think it’s actually a practical everyday bag. It can hold my camera along with my other everyday essentials which is why I even got the bag. It’s simple and structured so it goes with every look I put together. Another item I’ve still been wearing to death are my Chloé Susanna boots*. Yet again an expensive item that I get my wear out of. I was lucky enough to win a Farfetch competition almost three years ago which allowed me to buy these beauties. 

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I also bought a couple of items that I’ve been wearing a whole lot this year or at least in the last couple of months. One is my Equipment silk star cami* that I’ve bought as a more chic version of the regular cami top. I also fell in love with the print and not so secretly want to get my hand on the blouse version as well. I don’t know what it is but I’m having a real star print moment right now. The other item I’ve bought this year was my & Other Stories wool camel blazer coat*. I’ve wanted to add a blazer coat to my wardrobe this year because it was one of the types of coats I felt I was still missing. I have no regrets with this one. It not only has the most perfect camel color, the fit is really amazing — the right amount of oversizedness — and the wool feels so nice. Plus I get many compliments on it!

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If you followed along this year you probably also know that I had one pair of sunglasses I’d been wearing ALL the time: the heart shaped sunglasses. I tried on the Saint Laurent ones but they didn’t fit as great as the cheaper version I decided to get. I’m still debating on getting the red version as well for next summer. 

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my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | My favorites of the year 2018


This year was also the year I invested more into my make-up , especially in eyeshadows. I invested in one palette that would be perfect for every day use. My final decision fell on the Zoeva nude spectrum palette* that had all the colors that I wanted. They’ve got a lot of pigment and go on smooth. It’s the perfect palette if you want something you can easily use with basic colors. I also became an even bigger Charlotte Tilbury fan — an expensive hobby to have. I bought the limited edition Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette along with the cheek to chic blush*. Both beautiful products that fitted perfectly in with my other make-up bits. I also used my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation* in 2 Fair almost every day along with the Wonderglow face primer*. 

My hair routine also got an update. I’ve completely fallen in love with Kérastase Aura Botanica Riche shampoo* (For the Dutch readers, you can buy it in a bigger size here*). I got a sample to try from my previous workplace and from then on I’ve been using this twice a week. I actaully bought a 1L version because I’ve been loving it that much. I haven’t experienced any itchiness that I do with other shampoos, it consists of 97% natural ingredients and my hair texture and condition look way better. The smaller bottle lasted me for about two months and I’m still using my bigger one at the moment (I’ve had it since september). 

my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | One big master list of all my favorites of 2018: style, beauty, hair, lifestyle & memories
my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | One big master list of all my favorites of 2018: style, beauty, hair, lifestyle & memories


Since I got a LOT to share in this section I’m just going to quickly sum everything up and hopefully make everything appealing enough for you to check out! Here are my lifestyle favorites of 2018:



• Killing Eve: This was one of the best TV shows I checked out this year. It’s female centric, has a murder/mystery/thriller aspect to it and the acting is A+. Check the trailer here.

• Haunting of Hill House: Another amazing TV show that you can find on Netflix. It’s a thriller/horror serie keeps you on your seat all the way to the end. Check the trailer here.

• You: So it’s not the best of the best but one that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s kind of the alternate version of Gossip Girl if Dan would have lost it. If you like thrillers this one is for you. Check the trailer here and I think you can now catch it on Netflix.



• Searching: Even if you don’t love handheld/via screens movies, you will love this one. The story was awesome and they made great use of the format — something that you don’t get often with movies these days. Catch the trailer here. 

• Widows: This was such a great movie with Viola Davis who never disappoints. The movie follows four widows pulling of the heist of all heists. It’s kind of like Ocean’s 8 but darker and more bad ass. Check the trailer here. 

• Fantastic Beasts 2: As a big Harry Potter fan I’m clinging on to anything Harry Potter. Although I wasn’t wowed by the first Fantastic Beast movie — I thought it was a little too childish — I gathered from the trailer that this one would be a little more Harry Potter esque. And I wasn’t disappointed — I mean it featured Hogwarts! Check the trailer here. 

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James Bay – Electric Light: If his first album was your jam this one might disappoint because it’s a very different sound — for the most part anyways. But that’s also what makes this album a favorite for me. Stand outs for me are ‘In My Head’, ‘Fade Out’ and ‘Wasted On Each Other’.

Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer: Such a good album! I’ve liked some of her music over the years but this album really pulled me in. Stand outs for me are ‘Django Jane’, ‘Make Me Feel’, ‘Screwed’ and ‘I Like That’.

Hozier – Movement: Not an album but definitely a song to get excited for the album. I could describe what I love about it but you just need to check it out. 



I actually had intentions to read way more books than I did but that’s life. My favorite book by far was ‘The Little Black Book’ by Otegha Uwagba because it came into my life at the right time. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer or business owner, you need to get your hands on this little book. It’s full of handy tips.

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my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | My favorites of the year 2018


Instead of reading, I listened to a lot of podcasts:

• True crime podcasts: by far my favorite type of podcasts! I made a post a while back with my favorites that you can read here. Right now I’m getting through all the Casefile episodes. 

• Female inspiration podcasts: I also made a round up of my favorite ones right here if you need some inspiration to boost your mood.



• Knomo Knomad organiser: this is THE on the go gadget you need in your life right now! I love using it because it keeps everything that I need for working outside my home in one place. Plus it looks absolutely amazing. Read my full review here.

• Sony noisecanceling headphones: Another gadget I got a lot of wear out of. Perfect if you want to cancel out the noise around you and get sh*t done. 

• Dear Diary planner: THE planner that changed how I work. It keeps me motivated, on top of what needs to get done and has the layout I’ve been searching for. You can read my full review on this killer planner right here. 

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• Unfold: Best app if you want to spice up your Instagram Stories. I can highly recommend to also get the paid templates. They’re the ones I use the most.

• Planoly: the BEST Instagram planning app that I’ve tried. I’ve been so happy with it that I also opted for the paid version. Not only is it a great app, they also provide really handy tips & printables on their blog. In case you’re looking for a good Instagram planner and you’re not convinced to get the Planoly app, check out this guide I made for my business blog. If you’re convinced to use Planoly, I would love it if you use my referral link* to sign up!



I’ve decided to stop writing full on reviews on coffee & workplace cafés. Instead I’m going to create one big guide where you quickly can find the perfect spot to work. Something to look forward to in 2019! I did discover new ones tho:

• Frenchie café: I love this place in Utrecht. Very Instagramable and good food. It is a little expensive but definitely fun to go to if you want a fun lunch spot. 

• The Streetfood Club: another one in Utrecht. Dare I say that I love visiting Utrecht way more than Amsterdam. It’s such a great but smaller city with almost the same stores, 100% less tourists and amazing food places like The Streetfood Club. Love the decor — again, Instagramable — and the food is A+ without being too expensive. Get the Korean waffles, you won’t be disappointed. 

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my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | One big master list of all my favorites of 2018: style, beauty, hair, lifestyle & memories
my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | My favorites of the year 2018


So this part is probably more for me than it is for you my dear readers. But a year is made of memories and not the stuff that’s bought. The memories are always the true favorites of any year. 

These were a couple of stand-out highlights for me:


• I started a new job but soon realized that working for myself is what made me the most happy. So I quit, went freelance full-time and it’s been a wild ride.

• I went to several concerts this year. Paramore (check the third story) was on my bucket list for the longest time and after 10 years I finally checked it off. I’m so happy I went because their last album has been one of my favorites by far. Second concert I went to was James Bay (check the stories 21 & 22). I loved that it was in the Melkweg because I hadn’t been there in SO long. Great show but I didn’t really expected any different. Same month I also saw Haim. I was planning to go alone but ended up enjoying it with an old friend. And last month I went to see Hozier (see stories 30 and up) for a second time at a new venue I’ve never been to. Amazing show, amazing atmosphere. Definitely planning on going to more shows next year depending on who’s going on tour.

• I went to a lot of NTWRKPLK meet ups with ambitious women from Amersfoort. Had work dates with the fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs and even went to events together.

• My friend moved back from Spain which meant evenings spend with coffee hanging out or trips to IKEA for the weirdest reasons.

• I hung out with my niece a lot more because she’s been helping me with the blog and photography. She’s been a really great help but also a big supporter when I mostly need it.

• I decided to give the blog another chance because I had been missing creating content purely for my own enjoyment. I also changed up a lot of things around the blog and hopefully when I have the time I can even make it better.  

And I’m looking forward to make new ones for the next year! 

my yearly favorites of 2018 | THECHICITALIAN | My favorites of the year 2018


Just like every other month, I’ve updated The Chic List with new goodies I’ve been loving and new wish list items.


What were your yearly favorites from 2018?



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