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There are three things that put together women always have on lock: well-kept nails, glowing skin and luscious locks. Although I often lack in the nails and skin department, I always invest in the upkeep of my hair. I’ve been taking care, styling and coloring it for years. Having a good wavy curly hair routine is always a top beauty priority for me.

The first compliment I always get is on my beachy waves followed by the question how I create the look. The second is how I keep it in reasonable condition when it’s long. Today I want to answer both questions by showing my wavy curly hair routine including the tools to create the beachy wave curls.

MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair treatments and products that keep my wavy 2b hair in the best condition
MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair products I use on my wavy 2b hair


Most important step in my wavy curly hair routine is to take care of my hair. Little background: I used to have — I think — curly 3a hair but now it looks more wavy 2b. I dye it every 4-6 weeks and use a heat styling tool on it almost daily. That’s why I need hair care that repairs and is nourishing. To keep it in the best condition I use the following products and treatments in my hair routine:


KÉRASTASE AURA BOTANEA MICELLAIRE RICHE SHAMPOO* (Dutch link*): I discovered this shampoo through a gift I got at my last job. It’s made of 98% natural ingredients and it doesn’t have sulfates in it — perfect for my hair and scalp. What I love about this product is that I can actually see a result when it comes to the condition of my hair. It cleans it but it’s also shiny, doesn’t itch my scalp and the texture feels better. Also, I only wash my hair twice a week to keep it in the best condition.

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL VITAMINO COLOR A-OX SHAMPOO* (Dutch link*): This sulfate-free shampoo is my second favorite shampoo that is safe for my itchy scalp. The texture is more creamy and thicker than a regular shampoo — also perfect for my hair. It cleans my hair and leaves it feeling well-nourished.


L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL NUTRIFIER MASQUE* (Dutch link*): This mask seriously repaired my hair like no other mask ever does. I leave it in between 10-30 minutes (depends on how much time I want to spent on my hair). After washing it out, it leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft. For someone who curls her hair often, this is a must have mask.

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL COLOR CORRECTOR FOR BRUNETTES* (Dutch link*): because I love to have cool toned hair, I try to ban as much of the red and brass tones in my hair as I can. More about that below but this product is the one I use to keep the redness to a minimum. I used many other products in my wavy curly hair routine but I always end up with this one. Don’t expect any miracles but it does help a little.


I don’t get my hair cut often. Twice a year max at Lilian from ietsmethaar (I shot all of these photos & the IGTV at her new salon) who also dyes my hair. In between I sometimes get a splitender treatment that cuts away my split ends. Doing this keeps my hair in good shape without losing its length.

MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair treatments and products that keep my wavy 2b hair in the best condition


To make sure I have the best foundation to keep my curls looking the best, I use nourishing products and products to keep it in the best shape.


PURE ARGAN OIL: When I get out of the shower, this is the first product I put in my hair. I tried different oils but this one matches the best with my thin, curly hair.

OUAI VOLUME SPRAY: I sometimes use this spray to add a little more volume. I spray this into my damp hair before letting it air dry or blow dry it. Smells great but don’t over-use it. I don’t think they do this product anymore or it’s called the wave spray* now.

HASK ARGAN OIL 5-IN-1 LEAVE-IN SPRAY*: I discovered this spray through Lilian. It’s a product that — as the names says — can be used for 5 different treatments. I personally use it as a heat protector spray before I curl my hair.


L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE EXTRAORDINARY OIL*: When I curl my hair I continue my wavy curly hair routine with a drop of the L’Oréal Paris Elvive extraordinary oil. I like to use this oil on my dry hair because it’s a dry oil. It leaves my hair looking shiny and nourished without weighing it down. I also like to put a drop in my ends before I go to sleep. I feel like this helps maintain my ends from getting dry in between washes.

AUSSIE WASH+ BLOW IN A CAN(Dutch link*): If I want more texture or volume, I use this dry shampoo by Aussie. Right now, I have the kool kiwi berry version, which smells amazing but isn’t as good for volumizing the hair as the original* (Dutch link*). I wish they would bring that one out with this fragrance. To me, dry shampoo always smells really musty after a couple of hours. The kool kiwi berry does not. I also use this dry shampoo to remove excessive oils from my roots.

OUAI DRY SHAMPOO FOAM*: Another dry shampoo I like to use to refresh my hair. The smell is great but it is not as effective as the one mentioned above. I like to use it when my hair is not super greasy but I also don’t want to wash my hair. I do prefer the foam texture also to the powdery sprays. It’s also easier to apply and doesn’t leave a film on my dark hair.  The miniature version* is great to keep in your bag for a quick refresh.

SEBASTIAN RE-SHAPER STRONG HOLD HAIRSPRAY(Dutch link*): When I’m done with the whole process of styling, I top it off with the Sebastian re-shaper. It’s the only hairspray that I’ve found that’s actually humidity proof.

MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair products I use on my wavy 2b hair
MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair treatments and products that keep my wavy 2b hair in the best condition


For my overall color I only use the Poly Palette Intensive Créme Color 800 Dark Brown*. I’ve been using this color for years and years at home. It’s the perfect almost black brown color that I can always count on when I’m doing my roots. I dye them every 4-6 weeks, depending on how visible my grays are.

Two years ago I’ve gotten balayage done to create more depth in my color. I got it done by a professional and I desperately need to get it updated.

I also use a toner every 6-8 weeks, done by Lilian at ietsmethaar. This keeps the brassiness at bay. However, my natural hair has a lot of redness in it so it’ll never be super cool toned. But you best believe that I’ll do anything in my power to keep it as cool as possible.

MY WAVY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | THE CHIC ITALIAN | The hair products I use on my wavy 2b hair


I can get tangly hair so I need a good brush to start off my hair routine. The one I use is the Tangle Teezer* (Dutch link*). It’s the only brush that gets through my hair without damaging it when it’s wet and it doesn’t make my hair poofy when I comb through dry hair. What can I say, curly hair problems.

But how do I get the every day beachy waves you ask? I use the Babyliss Pro 180 32mm* (Dutch link*) curling iron. A product I’ve been using in my hair routine for years. I think I’m on my second right now. Judging by all the times I dropped it, I think number three is not too far away (Update: it actually fell apart after filming my curly hair tutorial). However, this styling tool is really inexpensive and does the job.


What are your holy grail haircare products?


xo FG

All affiliate links are marked with a *