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Whether you’re on a budget or just love fashion, everyone goes to the big high street fashion brands stores. And they are even closer to home now with just a click on a button on your phone. And I am no different. I love high street fashion brands and often buy from them. They’re good for basic items, fashion trends to try or to find something different for an affordable price. 

Since I’ve got quite the experience with shopping on the high street offline but also online, I figured I share the 5 I always check out when the new collections roll in. Here are my 5 favorite high street fashion brands to shop at:

Disclaimer: I know not everyone is interested or approves of high street fashion brands and how they produce their clothes. Make sure you inform yourself on the industry and how your shopping habit influences the lives of others and the earth we live on.


To kick off the list the right way I wanted to start with one high street brand that’s by far my favorite store at the moment: & Other Stories. This high street fashion brand is simple and cool. You can find high quality pieces but also items that are on trend without breaking the bank. I personally go here to buy dresses, knitwear and boots. 

I just checked off these black sock boots* from my wish list. They’re absolute killer boots. They also come in a burgundy color* and are on sale right now. If you’re into fake fur like I am than you might like this cream white faux fur coat*. This green faux fur coat* is also pretty amazing if you like a shorter fit. Looking for a heavy, cozy knit? Then you should definitely check out this oversized wool jumper* in the most beautiful green color. I actually have this one in my collection but washed it the wrong way unfortunately. If you do wash it on wool wash, it’ll stay just as gorgeous. 

From all the high street fashion brands, & Other Stories is on the pricier side. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you can wait for the sale. There is mostly one around the end of summer and one around this time of the year where you can get the items on your wish list for 30-70% off. If you sign up for the newsletter you can even get early access.

The only downsides are that the shipping costs are high (€6, free if you spend more than €140 — which you can easily do), there is no app (what?!) and I do get a lot of 404 pages or referrals to the homepage. Shipping is pretty fast and if they don’t meet the shipping period they’ve promised, they give you a discount.

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MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | Where I shop on the high streets: & Other Stories, H&M, ASOS, ZARA and Mango
MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | The top places to shop at when visiting your nearby city center


This is probably the high street brand I shop at the most because I have a store within 10 minutes from my house. Plus I buy most of my basics here — tights, bralettes, socks, etc. It’s also one of the most affordable places to shop at on the high street. Next to shopping for basics, I also shop for more on trend and different pieces here. Which might sound a little weird because it’s mass produced but it is possible. One of my favorite items I’ve bought at H&M is my big wool coat from the AW 2016 collection.

At the moment I’m loving this Tiger print faux fur coat*. It’s such a killer statement item that will boost any full black outfit in a chic way. These shiny faux leather  black trousers* have a high squeaky sound vibe but they also look incredibly cool. Not an item you’ll see a lot of people wearing on the regular. And for the basics this winter you really need a cashmere beanie* in your life. It’s simple, but will keep you warm till the end of winter. 

What I mostly love about the H&M is their premium quality line — it’s where most of my beloved knitwear is from — plus that they’ve upped their shipping game. Not only is it much faster, if you sign up for the H&M Club you can get free shipping along with discounts. The app also has a great user experience: you can easily browse, add items to your wish list and buy items. And — my favorite function that every online webshop with offline stores needs to have — you can check if the item is also in stock at a store close by. 

The only downsides are that most of the items I would buy aren’t available in stores, especially in the one that is close by where I live. The wish list function does work but when you click on a wish list item and then go back to your wish list, it jumps back to the top of the list. Other than that, I’ve had a great experience with shopping at H&M — offline and online. 

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MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | Where I shop on the high streets: & Other Stories, H&M, ASOS, ZARA and Mango


I guess everybody is pretty familiar with ASOS, so it doesn’t need a long introduction. If you see an item taking over Instagram, you can probably find it here. And for an affordable price as well. Next to stocking other high street fashion brands and premium high street fashion brands, they also have their own line of clothing, accessories and shoes. If you’re a beauty and make-up lover then you can get a lot of your faves here as well.

On my ASOS wish list I have this ASOS DESIGN black peplum mini shirt dress* that’s perfect for daily wear to work. If you’re just as in love as I am with the Realisation Par leopard silk skirt, than you should check out this darker version* from ASOS DESIGN. I think I even prefer the darker golden beige color. I wasn’t really into the barely there 90s dresses but this olive ASOS DESIGN mini satin dress with cowl neckline* is pretty amazing. 

Other than offering the fashion items you’re lusting after, they also offer pretty fast shipping. They have the option for next day delivery and free shipping when you spend more than € 20. If you don’t know your exact size, you can check it with the Fit Assistent. 

The only downsides is that the quality of their own line does vary but has gotten a lot better over time. But price/quality wise it’s still good. When an item sells out, you can almost never get it. It sometimes gets back in stock when someone returns it but otherwise you’re out of luck.

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MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | The top places to shop at when visiting your nearby city center
MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | Where I shop on the high streets: & Other Stories, H&M, ASOS, ZARA and Mango


ZARA is another high street fashion brand that I often visit to check out the latest items because it’s nearby where I live. I love that the ZARA collection has a chic vibe to it that the above don’t have. You can also shop their TRF collection that’s a little more youthful. I personally shop at both: ZARA for blazers, jeans, trousers and shoes and at TRF for fun, cute dresses.

At the moment they’re having a big sale with some good deals. I’m still eying this tweed black blazer with gold buttons and this black velvet number. The baroque suit I mentioned in this post with 7 winter investment pieces is also on sale at the moment. 

I have to admit that I prefer the online shopping experience to the store one but often do send my parcels there. Perfect if you want to hide your shopping habit. You can also choose to send your parcel to your home address which is free if you spend € 50 or more.

What I don’t like about shopping at ZARA is the user experience — on- and offline. Some stores are better equipped for shopping — where the clothes are more on the sides of the store — but they’re often too crowded. The user experience on the app is definitely not the best. I’ve noticed that’s the case with most Inditex apps but I do prefer it over the in stores experience. At least I can shop from the comfort of my bed.

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MY FAVORITE HIGH STREET FASHION BRANDS TO SHOP AT | THECHICITALIAN | The top places to shop at when visiting your nearby city center


Last but not least is Mango. I don’t shop here that often but I love getting my blazers from here. I think from all of them the Mango blazers have the best fit. Another item you could definitely score here is a chic bag for an affordable price. Mango bags always have a pretty high quality look about them without being of actual high quality resulting in an affordable price. 

My favorite sale items are this green military blazer* and this loose khaki jacket* that reminds me of the Mango jacket that I wear in spring all the time. In other words, a good staple to get your hands on right now. The sale also has a couple of chic bags with good discounts right now. This black bag* reminds me of a more subtle version of the J.W. Anderson piercing bag. If you want a true bargain, get this black envelop bag with gold claps*. It kind of reminds of an old Cèline bag for just a small fraction of the price. 

I love shopping at Mango online because they have the items that I look for. I do always check the store when I’m in Amsterdam or Utrecht. You can also get Mango items from ASOS so you can shop different high street brands in one order.

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Where do you shop on the high street? And do you rather shop online or offline?


Ciao, FG

All affiliate links are marked with a *