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One of the best investments you can make as a freelancer or as an ambitious women in general is a laptop bag. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or have an office job, a laptop bag is never a luxury. Especially one that will reflect the way you feel: ambitious, ready to do the work and achieve the goals you have visualized for yourself. 

Plus, in this day and age being on the road and doing work is not out of the question. So you actually also need a bag to keep your most valuable work asset safe and secure. So let’s dive into the best laptop bags for ambitious women this year and the three questions to ask yourself before you splurge. 

THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women
THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women


A laptop bag is an investment. They mostly come with a heftier price tag so you want to make the right choice straightaway. Before I spend my money on the items that I have, I went through the following questions:

Will it fit my laptop or tablet? I mean, it is the most important thing I need to take with me. I knew I needed a bag that would fit my 13” laptop. Always check if the bag you have your eyes on will fit your laptop or tablet.

Will it keep my laptop or tablet secure? Not just against dents but also against rain. Look for a bag that will keep your laptop in its place, is preferably padded and is rain proof. If you are like me and are depended on your laptop for your work, it needs to be secured in your bag. You don’t want to spend all that money on a bag to only spend even more money on a new laptop. 

Will it fit everything I need on a daily basis? Define what you need to take with you on a daily basis. I always take my laptop and my planner with me. When I work at NTWRKPLK, I also take my magic keyboard & mouse. However, I always have certain things like a hub with me at all times. That’s why I went with the Knomo organizer, because it had all the compartment that I needed to stay organized. 


MY LAPTOP BAGS & IPAD CLUTCHES: These are the bags I’m using to carry my Macbook Pro 13” around in.

Knomo Mayfair Knomad organizer*: The Knomo organizer I have. You can check out what I keep in it here on IGTV.  Fits: up to 15” laptop**

Knomo Elektronista clutch: Love this clutch! I’m a little sad that when I upgrade my iPad I won’t be able to use it anymore but if you have a 10.5” iPad I think you can still use it. It’s such a handy little clutch that can also keep a thin keyboard. I made a video of what fits into it here.  Fits: a iPad up to 10”**

The tote I use on a daily basis is just a random tote I’ve found a couple of years ago. I think the one that comes closest to it is the Madewell Transport tote*. 

THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women


This list contains the laptop bags that have caught my eye. Here are the best laptop work bags to get this year:

The Knomo Beaux leather laptop backpack (similar*): If there is one brand that does laptop bags the best, it is Knomo London. This is the most chic laptop backpack that you can get. The gold hardware and leather look stunning and it will safely fit your laptop in the pocket at the back of the bag. Just like with my Knomo organizer it is filled with compartments for everything you need to carry with you and has the RFID protection. Plus since it looks so chic, you can also use it when you don’t carry your laptop with you. Fits: up to 14” laptop and has a special iPad pocket**

The Knomo Mini Maddox (similar*): If you are more into totes — My favorite type of laptop bag — than this is the one for you. Just like the backpack and organizer, it will keep your laptop safe in a special compartment. It has many other pockets to keep you organized. A cool feature of this bag is the little hidden magnetized pocket that will fit a cardholder or iPhone. Fits: up to 13” laptop and has a special iPad pocket**

The Senreve the Maestra bag* (croc effect version*): This is the hybrid laptop bag you want to invest in if you want 3 bags in one. You can wear it handheld, on the shoulder and as a backpack. Plus it comes in 19 colors and 4 different textures. It has a compartment for your laptop and other smaller pockets to keep everything organized.

Although it has a heftier price tag, I do think it is worth it based on how many ways you can wear it and you can pick your color and hardware (on the website). However, I did watch a couple of  review videos on the bag and it seems to be pretty bulky, the corners of the bag seem to scratch and it is a heavier bag. One thing that would stop me from buying this bag would be the fact that the handle to hold it in your hand is only placed at the back. I feel like that’s very unpractical and doesn’t distribute the weight properly.

Also, visit the website with cation, you will be followed by advertisements about the bag EVERYWHERE. And you will want it. Fits: up to 15” laptop**


TIP: Choosing the right fabrics will help with the longevity of your wardrobe. You need to invest in items that you can wear for their full lifespan. The right fabric — like cashmere — can last you for years. It is all about cutting down on consumerism when it comes to your curated or capsule wardrobe.

THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women
THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women


If you don’t need to carry a laptop with you or want a bag that can function as a normal day to day bag, than these are the ones you want to invest in:

The Celine Mini Belt Bag*: This bag is THE bag that screams ‘I mean business’. It won’t fit a laptop but if you work from your iPad (pro), you can use this beautiful bag as your everyday office work bag. Fits: iPad pro**

The 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Pashli backpack*: Another chic backpack to wear to the office. It doesn’t have a specific laptop compartment but it does fit a small laptop. Fits: up to 13” laptop**

The 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Pashli satchel*: This is the handheld option that also comes with a strap. Just like the backpack, it’s chic but isn’t a specific laptop bag. Fits: up to 13” laptop**

Saint Laurent tote* (beautiful dark burgundy version*): High on my list — especially in the burgundy color it’s just so chic — and not a specific laptop bag that will fit a small laptop. It’s really simple and sleek which I think is the power of this bag.  Fits: up to 13” laptop**


** I have written down what type of laprop will fit into the bag but do always check yourself before purchasing a bag.

THE BEST LAPTOP BAGS FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN 2019 | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Sharing the laptop bags for ambitious women


Do you have a laptop bag on your wish list?


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All affiliate links are marked with a *