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I think it’s safe to say that at one point of your life you probably have looked into your wardrobe and thought to yourself ‘I have nothing to wear’. Or ‘I don’t like anything I have’. I think everyone at some level thinks about buying new items to add to their wardrobe every now and then. I’m definitely guilty of all the above. But it’s really uncalled for because I bet — and I know this from taking a closer look in my closet — we have a wardrobe full of great outfits. 

Maybe it’s more about feeling like you are stuck in a (style) rut. Maybe you do need to add some key items to your wardrobe. Or maybe you haven’t found your personal style yet. If the last two are the case, check out my post on creating a curated wardrobe here to get you started. 

If the first issue is you, then this post is for you. Because today I’m going to tell you about shopping your own closet. Wether you are stuck in style rut or don’t have a budget right now to buy something new, we can all benefit from appreciating what we already have.

THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Create new outfits with the wardrobe staples you already have in your wardrobe
THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Shop your own closet to rediscover what you already have


First thing first: you have enough to wear.

As a true online shopper who checks out all her favorite online webshops weekly, I see new things I want every single time. So I get it’s easy to get seduced to buy something new. But you have enough. Trust me. It’s probably more about not having a clear overview of what you exactly have. So that’s the first step in shopping your closet: creating a clean space.

Who loves to shop in an overcrowded space with clothes everywhere? If I enter a store like, I would be running out immediately. It’s why I try to avoid shopping on Saturdays as well. No one likes to shop in a mess. Same goes for shopping in your own closet. Take an afternoon to clean your wardrobe. This also a good time to take in what you already have and to do an audit of your wardrobe. You can download my Curated Wardrobe printable (for FREE!) here so you can start creating a wardrobe you love wearing day in day out. 

Once you’ve done that you will realize how many gems you already have and how many items you need to get fixed. Because we all know we hold on to items that need to get fixed but we never actually get them fixed. So now is the time to take care of the items that you do have. I always am surprised how many gems I find in my own wardrobe that I have curated over the years. For example the Zara boots I wear in this outfit. I’ve had these for YEARS but only started wearing them regularly when I rediscovered them last year.


THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Create new outfits with the wardrobe staples you already have in your wardrobe


One way to get inspired by your own wardrobe is to look for outfit inspiration elsewhere. You can use Pinterest but Instagram is also a great outfit inspiration database these days. And with the save function you can create curated Instagram feeds for your own viewing pleasure with style inspiration. 

To get you started I’ve created a list with my own favorite style inspiration accounts on Instagram:

@andicsinger: The one account I actually save almost every outfit from. I love the simplicity and femininity of her style. They’re also fairly easy to put together and put your own twist on with your own items.

@symohonyofsilk: Super stylish lady you need to follow. Lots of hot designer items but she also mixes it with high street items from & Other Stories and such. She has a simple, chic style and her feed is full of outfits to get you inspired to shop your own wardrobe.

@aninebing: The official Instagram account of the founder of the same name brand. She also wears her own collection all the time. You get inspiration for the items but also inspiration how to wear your own items in different ways. It’s a bit of rock n roll style with a chic twist to it.

@pepamack: Same vibe as the first account — which probably says a lot about my personal style. She styles pretty basic and classic staples without it looking dull. You can find lots of new ways to style your wardrobe. 

@cocobeautea: This is probably the one account that I love to get inspiration from but doesn’t fully match my personal style. It’s very classic business staples with trousers, oversized knits and coats paired with designer bags.

@dylanlex/@drewdylanlex: Accounts of gorgeous jewelry items that you might have noticed in the Beyoncé Formation video. She has a very unique style with — obviously — lots of jewelry from her own line mixed with oversized blazers, lots of skin showing (for the lack of a better description) in a good way and statement items. I don’t have the confidence to wear most of the cut out styles that she wears but it’s definitely an account I go to for new outfit inspiration.

THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Shop your own closet to rediscover what you already have
THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Create new outfits with the wardrobe staples you already have in your wardrobe


Now that you’ve gathered outfit inspiration on your preferred platform, go into your wardrobe and pull new looks. Remember, you don’t have to recreate the exact looks. That would be boring. Pull new outfits that you want to try out and try them on. Do you feel good in them? Are you comfortable? And most importantly, do you feel confident in the outfit? If you answer yes to all of them, then you have a winner.

Also, use your creativity to mix and match items you would not have done before. Maybe two prints that you’ve never tried out together or different textures. Or make a new version of an outfit you love to wear — I do this with my personal uniform of jeans with a blazer, boots and a t-shirt. I wear this look a lot and spice it up with mixing and matching different shirts and blazers with each other.  

We get so caught up in what we are wearing on the regular that we often forget that you can make different looks from what you have. So try things out at home and if you feel like you have found a winner, go out in the world.


THE CURATED WARDROBE: SHOP YOUR OWN CLOSET | THE CHIC ITALIAN | Shop your own closet to rediscover what you already have


If by the end of your shopping spree in your own closet you still feel like you are missing key pieces, write them down. I’m not against buying new items if you need them but I am against overconsuming items. If you create your own personal style you will see that you honestly need just key items to put together great outfits. 

If you feel like you are missing these items, it’s good to start shopping differently. Really look at what you need to refresh your wardrobe or make it feel more complete. Also check out the looks that you save, what items recur in most of the inspirational looks you’ve saved? It’s a good indicator that the item will be a good investment piece.

Another important piece of advice I want to give you is to buy items that you can build on and mix and match with at least two others items in your wardrobe. Don’t buy sets that you can only wear in a particular set. It will become old really fast. By buying items you can mix and match you have so many more options in your wardrobe. Which will make you feel like you actually have enough to wear in your wardrobe. 



Why are you shopping your own closet? And what did you (re)discover that instantly inspired you?


xo FG

Photos by Jillian

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