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I’ve always been a big advocate for investing your time and money into things you love and get energy from. Big life investments. Sometimes that means a new bag, sometimes going on a small getaway to refresh the mind. Nowadays it’s mostly my business that I invest both money and time into.

Investing in my wardrobe or business are both about acquiring the life that I want. To me it’s just as important to look the part as actually doing the work. The more on point I look, the more on point I am in my work. My work and how I look are just as important to my personal branding.

Which got me thinking about how important it is to invest. And the parts of my life I think are most important to invest in. With investing — like I kind of already said above — I don’t just mean money, it’s also about investing time. Which in my eyes is an even more valuable investment. You can always get the money back that you invested, however time isn’t something you can get back. It’s a much more precious commodity.

For me there are four parts of my life that I like to invest in.

THE FOUR GREAT LIFE INVESTMENTS | THECHICITALIAN | Investing in my personal style is a way for me to express who I am and the life I want
THE FOUR GREAT LIFE INVESTMENTS | THECHICITALIAN | Investing in my personal style is a way for me to express who I am and the life I want


What can I say, this is still a style blog and an outfit post. Personally, I invest money and time in curating my personal style. It’s a big part of my personality and how I want to be perceived. On a personal level and in business.

Creating a personal style is a big part of your personal branding. Having the right look can open doors and can help in being perceived in a good way. Yes, it is a little superficial but why not use all your ammunition when you can?

Invest in an uniform. Something you will feel good in, makes you comfortable and gives you the confidence to go after what you want. Define for yourself what that uniform is and what kind of vibes it gives up. There is no doubt that a fleece sweater is comfortable but if you want to be a successful lawyer, it might not be the perfect attire. It also doesn’t mean you need to go for a bland grey or navy skirt suit. What about a lavender pants suit? Powerful, yet full of personality.


What are your dreams and ambitions? And what are you doing today to make sure you make them a reality?

Investing in those dreams and ambitions is one of the best time and money life investments you’ll make. Ambition doesn’t just have to do with starting your own company or climbing up the job ladder, it can also be wanting to make a road trip through the USA (highly recommended!) or as simple as getting a pet.

Invest your time in getting to know what you exactly want out of life. Where do you see yourself in a year, in three years and even in 10 years? And then focus on what you can do right now to take a step closer to fulfilling your ambitions. Make good business investments that will help you take one step closer to finding your dream client. Make a savings plan so you can take that trip of a lifetime next year or buy your first house.

THE FOUR GREAT LIFE INVESTMENTS | THECHICITALIAN | Investing in your dreams and ambitions is the best life investment you’ll make


The older you get, the harder it’ll be to create new relationships — romantic or friendship — so keep the ones you have safe. This doesn’t mean going over your own limits. It’s about nurturing the relationships that give you the energy to get up and go at your day.

Your cheerleaders, your companions, your biggest supporters. They’re worth the investment.

This also means doing a relationship audit and realizing which relationships don’t give you any energy. It’s the friend that just takes all your energy and you feel drained spending time with them. Or a partner who isn’t growing with you. Invest the time to nurture relationships but also to be honest with yourself and let go of the relationships that drain you.


The most important thing in your life is you. Your mental health is one of the biggest life investments. You only have one body and one mind. Nurture it, keep it safe and keep it healthy. All the investments don’t mean one thing if you aren’t in a good head space. I’ve been there with an almost burn out and learned the hard way how to burn up all your energy. And I still feel it to this day.

But I’m also doing a lot better. I’ve invested in becoming a better person, being well nourished and taking time off when I need it.

Invest your time into doing things that bring you energy but also invest money into selfcare products or services. Maybe a gym membership is your investment or taking up yoga classes. Go to the movies with friends. Whatever it is, I can assure your time and money is well invested.

THE FOUR GREAT LIFE INVESTMENTS | THECHICITALIAN | The older you get, the harder it gets to find new friends — cherish your relationships and invest your time in them
THE FOUR GREAT LIFE INVESTMENTS | THECHICITALIAN | The most important thing in your life is you — invest in your own mental health and selfcare routine


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What’s worth the investment for you?


xo FG

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